Fondation Founder

In the lifetime of the founder, the honorary managing board is the only and decision-making council of the “Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche”. Some of their tasks are the choice of the projects that will be supported, a thoroughly examination of these projects and of the organisations concerning their seriousness and, after the delivery of the donation the control of the proper application of the money and execution of the project.

One target of the foundation is, that the tax-deductible donations and the profits from the interests on capital serve fully to realize the foundation target. The managing board, consisting of five people with the, for a foundation remarkable, average age of less then 40 years, guarantees for this. These members of the managing board share their knowledge and know-how in animal protection as well as in economical and financial aspects for the help of a trustworthy foundation.

Benjamin Lüken
Wolfgang Bösche Iris Roth Dr. Lin Grimm Benjamin-Nicola Lüken
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