The “Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche” was risen on 24. December 2001 in the city Braunschweig, which is situated in the north of Germany, as a foundation with legal capacities, in order to protect animals worldwide and dedicate its activities exclusively to the non-profit foundation purpose “animal protection”. The foundation takes part of the alliance of the 12.000 registered foundations in Germany and is one of the very few foundations which have the target of animal protection, which is in fact less then 1% of all foundations.

The target of this foundation is to support local, nationwide and international well-known and serious organisations for the protection of animals and their projects. As a matter of fact, projects to safe specific threatened animal species are considered as well as projects that aim to protect nature and thereby save the space to live for several species.

The tax-deductible donations and the profits from the interests on capital serve to realize the foundation target. In opposite to the numerous animal protection societies, especially those with regional tasks, that often have to spent more then 50% of the membership subscriptions and the donations to pay their own administrative costs, the full donations given to this foundation will be spent exclusively for animal-protective intentions.


Wolfgang Bösche

Dear animal friends,

It is important to me to have aroused your interest in the worldwide protection of animals, nature and species. And I would be happy if you would support my foundation with a donation.

Thank you very much,

Wolfgang Bösche


Download the foundation’s handout here