Construction of dry stone wall

19.6.2022 Construction of a stonewall in Hilter a.T.W.

That was a really good day at the „day of open agriculture“. More than 1000 people took part.

Many thanks to the „Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche“ from Braunschweig, that sponsered the materials for the stone wall.

More than 20 tons of stones where build. 16 meters of stonewall with a high benefit for many insects, slugs, amphibies, reptiles are ready.

Many thank for the participation go to Fine Schacht (SPD), Thomas Uhlen (CDU), Torben Bextermöller, das Naturforum Hasbergen“ und many more.

Many people took part even though they were not subscribed. It was a huge action at that event. Thanky go to Ellen Akkermann (GRÜNE), who took care for an information desk of the „Naturschutzstiftung of the county of Osnabrück“. A well done action was organised by the „Tischlerei Hehemann“. Here ist was possible to build up nest boxes for the biodiversity.

16.4.2022 Construction of a stonewall between Osnabrück and Georgsmarienhütte

Many thanks go again to the „Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche“ from Braunschweig.

With about 15 persons the sponsored materials for a stonewall between Osnabrück-Sutthausen, Hasbergen and Georgsmarienhütte were build. At eastersaturday within 2 hours about 20 tons were build up. That could be a nice easter-happening in the next years. 15 meters more for the biodiversity.

A stone wall is a natural heater. The stones spread warmness also in cold winter days. Many wild bees love walls like that.